Nicolas Roger was born in 1977 in France in the Marne to quickly follow his parents in Auvergne. He lives, works in his studio and workshop in Clermont-Ferrand.

With a university degree in economics, management, he became interested in music and photography in parallel with his studies. Chance led him to work in an Auction House. This framework helps him acquire a taste for art he meets daily to finally develop his own artistic production.

The photograph has been revealed to him by the meeting of a photographic artist with whom he will share his life for over 13 years. First as support model and assistant, technician, he accompanied during his work, his exhibitions.

In the wake of this woman, he will meet with students of art history, photography students of La Cambre in Brussels, will participate in the organization of exhibitions by refining his eye contact and approach of these artists.

The auctions preparation craft crossed the photograph with the realization of catalogs for auctioneers. Dice 2004, he realized commands embedded in such publications as the “Gazette of the Hotel Drouot”, “art appreciation” to then settle as a professional photographer in 2008.

In parallel, he exhibits an artistic creative work, using water to change the vision of the world, ask us about the subjectivity of our eyes, in our memories.

This artist exhibits around as the water pavilion in Paris in 2013 at Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles photography Fair as guest of honor in 2014, has been involved for 4 years to the openings of workshops Arts ride Clermont-Ferrand.

All works of art that photography in the auction rooms, museums become inspiration for him. The influences of this photographer are often pictorial with nods to Monet, Dali, Klimt. He also likes to hard work as photographers Serrano, Nebreda, Witkin Minkinnen or even if there are more references to the photographers who worked on the deformation as Weegee, kertesz, Laurence and Jean Christian Demaison Boucart.

Artistic photography is a door to thinking and feeling. The artistic work of Nicolas Roger is pure, without retouching software. Just a subject, light, water and a camera.

The water serves him as a brush or knife serves painter. The deformations of a tortured reflection in order to confront what we see with reality. Use a concrete reality, the testimonial character of photography to deform naturally and emerge as a new vision.

The studio photographs call for long and complex installations to capture the reflections that are delivered but his approach is to create with reality, what we have before without cheating nor artifice.