Here are a few galleries presenting my artistic work. The main idea is a purist photographer’s work, without any retouch.

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“Cabinet of reflections”

Discover a “cabinet of reflections”, mix of curiosities where classical works of painting, strange animals, and everyday life objects meet. A jumble testifying of its owner’s tastes, the randomness of his treasures, between fascination, obsession and accumulation .

No use of any photo retouching software here. The effet is only created with a subject, some water, some light and a camera.

Moving reflections are used to twist the images, to distort their realism. These reflections leave us with a strange vision, sometimes almost disturbing, of what we believe we know. A real, concrete, pure photography, forcing our mind between imagination and reality.



“The unfolded subconscious”

A reflection on how the memory works, how the human mind is built.

A canvas painted step by step based on important parts of my life. At each stage, a reproduction of the reflection of this canvas in a lively water is made.

Water plays the part of time, of subjectivity, to distort our memory. The past life is twisted, until only recollections, confused memories are what is left.

Self-construction is made with the help of both past and present times to build our future.But what is left of our past, beside twisted memories ? So we build ourselves on this subjectivity, this vagueness that allows us so many different conclusions. Our consciousness is the conductor of all these elements, all the coats of paint we cannot see anymore, already partially covered by new touches of paint.



“Reflections on Water”

Water is everywhere : inside us, around us. But it has no image. We only depict water by the reflection it shows us of the world, or the distortion it creates.

If you pick a detail in a stretch of water, you can see the world differently. The mind rambles to create its own version of this abstract part of a concrete thing.

In the most simple and realistic photograph, you can see many artistic references to painters, or photographers.

This is the evidence of how men always try to get back to the balance of nature with art.